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Other Products

Friularo Wine Vinegar:

Vinegar obtained solely from “Friularo D.O.C. Dominio Di Bagnoli” wine. The wine is transformed into vinegar through a natural, slow fermentation. It is noted for its garnet red colour, the fruit scent, with spice notes of cinnamon, tobacco and cocoa. The taste is full bodied, warm, soft, balanced and velvety.


Friularo Wine Balsamic Vinegar:

This prized Balsamic Vinegar from Modena is obtained from Friularo wine made at Dominio di Bagnoli. The wine is transformed through a natural, slow fermentation, and aged in small oak barrels using traditional methods.

The vinegar produced by this method is used successively as a base for the addition of the grape must which is carefully selected, cooked, concentrated and transformed into “Balsamic Vinegar”. Its colour is deep, with a characteristic sweet taste, rich and rounded. It is excellent with meat, fish and vegetables.


Grapeseed Oil:


The oil from Dominio comes solely from the grape seeds from our grapes (vinaccioli), rich in unsaturated fats: 87% ca., of which 74% are linoleaic acid, the most prized. The taste is refined and light, the colour, clear green, it calorie value is 9 kcal per gram of oil.

The oil can be consumed as is, on vegetables and salads, to enhance its dietary properties.

For its lightness this oil is particularly suited for frying as it enhances the flavour.


Carnaroli Rice:


In the rice fields at Dominio, organic, Superfine Canarolo rice is cultivated.

This rice, packaged without preservatives is ideal for risotto because it maintains the grains perfectly during cooking due to the raised level of amilosio, at least 16%.

Organic Rice (Certified ICEA).


Organic Marano Corn Meal (Certified ICEA):

Marano Corn is one of the few antique varieties of corn still cultivated, and from which is obtained an excellent, tasty meal for polenta. The golden colour is due to the intense red colouration of the seed shells. Productivity/hectare: 30 Qli.


Organi White Pearl Corn Meal (Certified ICEA):

Whitepearl corn is a variety, historically most widely grown in Padua Venice and Treviso. This variety produces a meal which is brilliant white, which yields a polenta which is soft, fine and delicate. The production per hectare is extremely limited, not exceeding 50 Qli.


"Millefiori" Honey:

The bees are found inside the Brolo; the variety in the environment, mixed woodland, fields and orchards allow the bees at Dominio to produce a crystalline and golden “millefiori” honey. It is presented in half kilo, and kilo jars.


Divine Little Chocolates:

Passito wine and chocolate fondant… a divine pairing, Divine Little Chocolates! The master chocolatier Concenzio mixed just the right proportions of premium quality, bitter chocolate, butter and Friularo Passito, creating a little chocolate pearl which melts in the mouth, yielding a divine gourmet moment.


Divine Jelly:

A unique product produced from the jelling of the San Lorenzo wine and the Friularo Passito. It has an intense flavour and scents of fruit and wine. It is a delicate accompaniment for a plate of cheeses and crostini, and adds to the dish, colour and flavour.



Zaleti are biscuits which are part of the Paduan tradition of excellence, their origins lost in history. They are made from Marano corn from Dominio, eggs and dried grapes. The sugar and the grains in the dough unite to give a sweet taste flavoured by the grapes. It is a fragrant and sweet biscuit, perfect at the end of a meal accompanied by a glass of Friularo Passito wine.